Superstring now has a Patreon!


Superstring now has a Patreon*, and I'd love to invite you to join this exclusive little club.

(*In case you're unaware, Patreon is a platform for supporting creatives, and offers various perks, benefits and exclusive content (including regular builds of new games). It's a bit like Kickstarter, but ongoing.)

As well as putting a little in the pot to help fund Game #2 (which sort of exists! I know! Game #1 ain't out the door yet), the idea here is to burst my solo-developer bubble and start bringing others into the development process much earlier. I learnt firsthand with Headspun that working on your own leaves you blind to many problems, and putting the game in front of players too late leaves you no time to rectify potential issues.

Patreon can help fix this. Game #2 will be a more open / collaborative development, and this little membership club is the first step towards a more open development - with Patrons having access to early design documents, screenshots and game builds. Patreon allows us to throw open the studio doors and invite you in.

Also, before I lose your attention, get this:

Superstring Patrons can now get first and exclusive access to our FMV/Adventure Headspun - which isn't due out until later this summer. We've set up a special Headspun reward tier, which will grant you immediate access to a near final build of the game delivered through Itch. Anybody who backs at this tier will have their name added to the credits of the game.

That's it. That's the sell. If you decide to become a Superstring Patron, I totally owe you a beer.

Thanks - chat soon x